Newlife™ comes in a wide range of counts that reflect technical and environmental performances and adds functionalities that always meet the expectations.

Technical performances:
  • Versions available: POY, drawn, texturized, microfibre, hollow filament.
  • Counts: from 25 Dtex to 2.000 Dtex.
  • Production capacity: 3.000 tons a years

Newlife™ has already become the base for a part of the high tech yarn ranges of Sinterama such as:

NewlifeTM FR is an ECO FRIENDLY - HIGH TECH product made by Sinterama Group which offers the combination of an 100% recycled polyester yarn, made from post-consumer plastic bottles with permanent flame retardant superior properties.
Newlife™ Polygiene® is a continuous filament yarn with considerable benefits to the customer in terms of odor control, easy care and longer-lasting garments. The performance is polymer-intrinsic, therefore permanent.
NewlifeTM Easy is an ECO FRIENDLY HIGH TECH product made by SINTERAMA GROUP which offers the opportunity of combining 100% recycled polyester yarns together with other low temperature dyeable yarns without changing mechanical properties..
NewlifeTM Thermal is an ECO FRIENDLY - COMFORT and HIGH TECH yarn from the “SMART POLYESTER’’ range recently launched by SINTERAMA GROUP to produce special thermal fabrics with comfort performance. These yarns are ideal for use in outdoor, sports and workwear clothing.
La linea di prodotti NewlifeTM - Cotton Touch product range, combines NewlifeTM technical properties with the natural fibres appearance. This combination is particularly suitable for a wide range of products, from sportswear to workwear.
La nuova gamma di fili NewlifeTM - UV Resistant range is made with yarns providing permanent UV-resistance performances with an excellent rate between cost and dyeing efficiency on all the colour shades.
NewlifeTM - Skin Sun protection range, offers full protection to UV rays because of its specific properties: high-reflection and high absorption of UV radiation..
La linea NewlifeTM - Fancy Effect  range is made with “fancy” yarns with controlled sections of different dye up-take and/or different bulkiness, especially indicated to obtain colour and transparency effects.
NewlifeTM - Moisture Management  range is made with yarns with modified sections which transport the moisture from the skin to the outer part of the textile and it allows the garment to dry quickly.