Moisture Management

Newlife™- Moisture Management  range is made with yarns with modified sections which transport the moisture from the skin to the outer part of the textile and it allows the garment to dry quickly.

Such quality is due to the presence of the micro- channels on the filaments, which improve their capillary action.

During sporting activity, our body uses sweat to control the rise in body temperature. If the clothes you wear are not transpirable, the fabric becomes damp with perspiration causing discomfort and hindering the natural thermoregulation: under this condition our body reacts by increasing the perspiration to cool down body. The result is an unnecessary waste of energy and a feeling of discomfort during sports activities. Newlife™- Moisture Management  continuous yarn line makes the moisture transport easy, due to the modified section, allowing the garment to dry more quickly.

Moisture Management effect 

The modified section collects the drops of perspiration which is transported to the outer part of the fabric. Eliminating the excessive perspiration facilitates the natural body thermoregulation. The inner part of the fabric close to the skin dries very rapidly therefore avoiding the unpleasant sticky feeling.

In the sportswear and workwear sector, the fabric capacity to absorb humidity and give a comfortable dry feeling to the skin allows the continuation of different activities in complete comfort. Fabrics made with Newlife™- Moisture Management  yarns transport moisture more rapidly than natural fabrics, therefore allowing a faster evaporation and quick dryness.