Cotton Touch

Newlife™- Cotton Touch product range, combines Newlife™ technical properties with the natural fibres appearance. This combination is particularly suitable for a wide range of products, from sportswear to workwear.

The special composition of the yarn, due to the modified filaments section, allows the moisture to pass from the inside to the outside of the fabric, keeping the body dry. Therefore, during tough physical activities, garments made with Newlife™- Cotton Touch yarns guarantee high levels of comfort.

Polyfunctional characteristics

Thanks to Decora® technology, it is possible to add polyfunctional properties to the Newlife™- Cotton Touch yarns, such as antibacterial, which makes them even more suitable for medical fabrics. With this treatment, apart from preventing bacterial growth and making it almost sterile, Newlife™- Cotton Touch yarns, which are continuous yarns, are not subject to short fibril loss, as generally occurs with natural fibres and which is usually one of the main causes of virus spreading in hospitals.

The Skin Sun Protection type make it particularly suitable for outdoor sportswear and workwear because it protects the skin from UV rays which, after long exposure in the sun, can be extremely dangerous.