NewLife™ and the riding.

The Tacante-Erisan team - that will partecipate in the Grand National Series organized by the French Equestrian Federation (FFE) - plan to use their partecipation as a platform to encourage the equestrian community to recycle plastic bottles.
Tacante will be organizing collections at various events throughout the series and all bottles collected will be delivered to a french binder and then through him sold to the italian chain producing Newlife yarns.
Cleaning, selection and cutting make the first transformation from bottles to flakes and chips ready to be further transformed by Sinterama into yarn that further processed is ready to be sent to a French weaver who produces fabrics that will be used for the production of saddle pads that the horses '' wear '' during the races.
And the circle is closed !!
Tacante removed from the earth plastic bottles that - it's known - would remain in the environment for 380 years and more and Sinterama transforms them with a completely mechanical process, traced, certified and traceable into yarns with the technical characteristics necessary for the realization of fabrics that for their soft and breathable technical feature are well suited for the use for which are intended.
For the production of one kg of Newlife, are used 37 plastic bottles and there is provided a savings - with respect to the production of one kg of virgin polyester - of 60% in terms of energy consumption and 32% of CO2 emissions.
The fabric produced with Newlife is soft and breathable .... perfectly suited to be - after the transformation in saddle pads - used in contact with the horse,

Le nouveau tapis de selle TACANTE

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